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Renovated Injection Molding Machine: With High Energy Saving Rate and PLC Retrofitting

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Solution Provider for Plastic Injection Molding Machines We are known name in Retrofitting of Plastic Injection Molding Machines. 
We are selling Used Injection Molding Machines totally re-incarnated with new latest machine control (PLC) and new servo system. The power saving concept using servo system on Injection Molding Machines have made machines more economic and user friendly. Consequently Used machines become new in look and contemporary in function. 
We are retrofitting standard servo system on Used machines which makes your machine again an asset for you. 
Major Advantage Of Retrofitting are:-

  • We renovate only branded machines.
  • Renovation makes machine accurate, contemporary & noiseless.
  • Power saving up to 60% on renovated machines.
  • We offer one year warranty for proper functioning of PLC, Servo System & hydraulic.
  • Industrial paint quality make machine look like new.
  • Ready to use from the day one after delivery.
  • Meet needs and reduce flow and resource waste of special machines
  • Change from common machine to high speed machine
The Price: The price of these machines are extremely reasonable as we only add expenses of renovation to Used machine because retrofitting of PLC and Servo System is our regular job for our clients who get their Used machines renovated to make their machines advance and energy saving. After Sales service: We have a sizeable team which includes Technical support & On site service technicians.
Our Services After Sale:: We have a sizeable team which includes Technical support & On site service technicians.