About Us

Durable Automation is a young enterprise, which is full of vitality. Within a short span, we recognized as a leading injection molding component supplier and solution providers in India with headquarters in Delhi, India

Durable Automation Eshtablished in 2018 specialized in the field of injection molding machines. With over 19 years combined experience in this industry. We have 10 years of field service experience in the biggest products of Plastic Injection Molding Machinery. We are professional engineers & sales team to ensure the high-quality service provider.

 Our goal is to meet the need for a single source provider to plastic processing companies looking to improve quality, reduce costs, increase performance and efficiency of their existing equipment at less than OEM costs, and supply superior quality new products to our customers at affordable prices.

We provide many benefits to our customers, including:

New equipment including Injection molding machines, robots, automation, dryers, chillers, electrostatic filtration, and energy saving systems.
New Parts, Barrels, Screws, Non return valves, sensors and more.
Factory trained and certified, unparalleled field service support.
On site machine recalibration to bring machine back to their OEM specifications.
Extended hours support including our technical support hotline.
Control upgrades on all plastic processing OEM machinery with state of the art control systems from Arcuchi, B&R, and Arico Controller.
OEM equal retrofit solutions at less cost, to increase efficiencies of your machinery.
Machine rebuilding on all hydraulic and mechanical systems to extend the life of your legacy machines.

Hydraulic and Electrical part repairs with 1 year warranty.  

Professional Work Team

Our dedicated and skilled professionals who have been involved in the automation industry for many years.

Responsive Support

Our Durable Automation's Dedicated support team is available & Happy to help you 24/7 via phone or e-mail.

Flexible And Co-Operative

Our teams are highly co-operative and flexible to meet customer needs Which makes us unique in the market.