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  • Field Service & Emergency Repair:

    Our field service team offers complete field service on plastic molding machinery and auxiliary equipment. We are a reliable, highly skilled group that excels in troubleshooting PLC’s, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems from the symptom to root cause through the corrective action phases. This knowledge base and today’s shortage of skilled workers in the manufacturing maintenance area, allows our customers the ability to reduce their maintenance costs and still meet their production needs.

  • Machine Calibration Optimization Service:

    We offer Machine Calibration and Optimization on your existing and used machinery to maximize the efficiency of your equipment, this service includes verification of machine safety, hydraulic system verification, optimize the positioning and pressure sensors, verify all machine functions in manual, semi and automatic modes.

  • Preventative Maintenance Services:

    Our team can help setup and facilitate a semi-annual or annual preventative maintenance program that includes, machine reliability analysis, hoses and cylinders inspections, machine safety verification, barrel and screw inspections and provide recommendations for corrective action. This pre-emptive approach to your maintenance helps you extend the life of your capital investments, improve the availability of your machinery and reduce costs.
  • Safety Audits:

    We will provide you the required actions for bringing your machines into compliance. Safety upgrades can have long-term benefits through the reduction of lost-time accidents, thereby potentially reducing your liability and workers compensation costs.

  • Energy Efficiency Analysis:

    Durable Automation offers a program to analyze your machinery’s energy consumption and provide recommendations where you can start saving power.

  • Other services we offer:
  1. Machine Installs
  2. Machine Start-ups
  3. Barrel & Screw Change
  4. complete Maintenance Parts Support with Tracking
  5. Routine Maintenance Checks
  6. Leak Identification and repair
  7. Hydraulic System Cleaning
  8. Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Resealing

Durable Automation can quote any customized service you may need.

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