Loader Integrated

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Durable Automation is a leading supplier of injection molding machine components for plastic industry. We supply vacuum loaders for plastic pellets strictly according to the national and international standards.

This type of machine integrated vacuum loaders used to transfer plastic pellets from a single source usually a Gaylord to a single destination (usually a blender, drying hopper or a machine throat).

Vacuum Loaders for plastic pellets Features :

  • Fully automatic programmed operation
  • Automatic alarm for overload or short of material
  • Stainless steel hopper construction
  • Main controller and hopper designed separated, to ensure safety and convenient
  • Separated filter installation, easy to remove pooling of powder.
  • Automation pump reverse system.

Vacuum Loaders for plastic pellets Specifications

MODEL Motor Type Power(HP) Power(KW) Power Supply Conveying Capacity(KG/H) Static Wind Pressure(mm/h2o) Volume(L) Hose Dimension (cm) Net Weight (KG) Remark
HAL-300G Carbon Brush 1.5 1.1 1P 220VAC 200 1300 7.5 Φ38mmx3.5m(1pc) 34x34x59 12 connect to dryer
HAL-300GE connect to injection molding machine
HAL-400G Induction 0.75 1 3P 380VAC / 410VAC 330 1400 7.5 Φ38mmx4m (1pc) 45x37x66 27 connect to dryer

Note : We reserve the right to cancel or change the above specific model without any prior notice.

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