Amplifier Card

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Amplifier card are used to control hydraulic speed, pressure & backpressure.
Proportional valves are also operated by it.

Durable Automation supplies the best quality Amplifier card at attractive prices.

Amplifier Card features & specifications:

  • Output power 24/48v DC (1 Amp)
  • Flow & pressure mini/max adjustable
  • Pressure input power 24v DC
  • Flow input power 24v or 48v DC
  • Control signal input 0~10V DC
  • Load impedance 10/40 ohms
  • Response speed 0.2-5s
  • Fuse rating 3A/250V
  • Ambient temperature 0~65 C

Note: We reserve the right to cancel or change the above specific model without any prior notice.

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