Lubrication Pump

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Lubricating oil pumps are used for the continuous flow of lubrication oil to lubrication points on the machinery like plain bearings, turbines, and engines to cool the lower side of the pistons.

Durable Automation supplies the best quality oil pumps at attractive prices.

Lubrication oil pumps are widely used in the industries like plastic, paper, power and pulp for better operating speed and performance. It removes heat and provides oil immersion lubrication.

Lubrication Oil Pump Features:

  • Plastic Tank
  • High performance and easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Rust resistance
  • Oil type: Oil (30cst – 2500cst)
  • Pump can dispose the DRO controller
  • Have liquid level switch (tells you the oil quantity in the tank)
  • Compact Design

Lubrication Oil Pump Specifications:

  • Type of Grease: No. 000
  • Tank Cubic: 3.50L
  • Working Pressure:  40 bar
  • Rate of flow: 0.4L/min

Note: We reserve the right to cancel or change the above specific model without any prior notice.

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